Your ideas are not your Identity

Your ideas are not your Identity
Photo by Jehyun Sung / Unsplash

Life hack for conscious leadership:

Realizing that when people express a different opinion, you don't have to adopt their stance.

Or even react to it.

It's possible to practice responding to their different view with: "ok" and let it be their truth.

You can keep the choice of how you respond.
Once you consistently do this, people's words lose the power to influence you without intention.

Getting argumentative or defensive is a choice.

And usually the counterproductive option.

It's okay to go to bed while people remain wrong on the internet, in a work email thread, or at your dinner party.

You stay holding the power by learning to pause and choosing which topics you want to engage in.

You get to beat your default, reactionary, and spontaneous.

Exercise your free will instead of letting others control yours.

PS. Years ago, I learned of this as the concept of Equanimity. The idea struck me, so I'm sharing it with you today.

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