Read books that explore your blind spots

Read books that explore your blind spots

It's 2023, and I still see 19+ old white men, on recommended reading lists.
No wonder most leadership advice is stale.

To effectively lead, you need more variety in your understanding of leadership topics.

I'm not saying - don't ever read their books.But add more variety to your bookshelf FFS.

Don't make the mistake of ignoring +50% of all humans. You're leaving their great ideas undiscovered.

Here's a selection of my favorites:

Mistakes were made (but not by me) - by Carol Tavris
7 Rules for Productive Change - by Esther Derby
Contempt to Curiosity - by Caitlin Walker (PhD)
Making work Visible - by Dominica DeGrandis
Invisible Women - by Caroline Criado Perez
Thinking in Systems - by Donella Meadows
Escaping the build trap - by Melissa Perri
Owning Our Future - by Marjorie Kelly
The Art of Gathering - by Priya Parker
Thinking in Bets - by Annie Duke
Accelerate - by Nicole Forsgren
Multipliers - by Liz Wiseman
Inferior - by Angela Saini

These folks will teach you new things,
in ways you don't hear from run-of-the-mill faces.

Which books would you add to this list?

PS. I'm not asking to meet a quota; I'm suggesting you explore your blind spots.

The average reading list gives you average knowledge. You can do better than average.

PSS. More people need to hear this, please share 🔁 and give it a 👍

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