"What tool should we use? Jira? Miro?"

"What tool should we use? Jira? Miro?"

The most common question I'm asked.

We have 100s of projects and dependencies, and we have to report on them each week!

So you hire a bunch of people to manage that reporting and keep everything in sync.

Next, you make development teams adopt a tool to make the reporting "easier."

That sounds awful.

The worst part: you're reporting on so much because nothing moves. Because each project takes ages, it gets written about hundreds of times.
Each month, you're getting slower and spending more time on reporting.

No one has time to question why nothing is moving.
And you won't make time to make improvements.

You may be wondering, as I do, how a tool fixes this problem?

A better alternative creates Focus for the company.

A simple sequence.
Which is Number 1. Everything waits behind it.

This puts our collective Focus on the same goal.

The result is less distraction and interruptions and fewer concurrent dependencies.

You'll get things done.

Build the habit of saying "not yet," and create an environment of finishing, not starting.

Finishing brings learning, results, and money.
Stop starting, and start finishing.

Only then, worry about tools.

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