3 Steps to giving actionable feedback in every context.

3 Steps to giving actionable feedback in every context.

Too often, we get crappy feedback that's hard to take action on.
This simple method of offering is a way that makes change happen.

(I was taught this Framework by Esther Derby, I can't recommend her work enough. Follow her on @estherderby)


What did you see or observe? Aim to remove any judgment of the person's intent. You can only see their actions, not their intent. E.g., Yesterday, you arrived at 9:10 after our meeting had started.


What happened as a result. E.g., we spent 10 minutes recapping the topics we'd already discussed, resulting in us running out of time.


What would ideally be different? E.g., please either arrive on time or skip the meeting.

Use it with positive and reinforcing feedback too! "Last week, you stepped in and took on that presentation! It shows me you're ready for more significant client engagements. Please continue doing this!"

Bonus Tip: Check before you offer feedback if it's a suitable time. Are you open to some feedback? Is now a good time for me to share some feedback? "Sorry, I'm rushing to fetch my kids. Can we chat tomorrow?" means they're more likely to hear you when you chat tomorrow.

When receiving: It works as questions. Say someone gives you unclear feedback. Ask them these three questions.
• What did you observe?
• How would you describe the impact of this?
• What would you like to be different?

Give it a try - I'd love to hear about your experiences.

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