Be my guest!



- Creating Focus, Finding Leverage, and building Habits.
- Org Design, Complex systems and Strategy
- Through the lenses of Systems, Science, and Sapiens.

These are questions that are good to prep for:
- Tell us what you do?
- What's something you wish you'd learned earlier?
- What one closing tip for people getting started in this space?

What do you want to promote?
Your book, LinkedIn, or Your website?
Where can people reach you when they want more?


Relaxed conversations over 60-90min
- which will be edited down to around 25-30min.

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Please share the announcements, teasers, and episode links.
(I'll tag you, so you see them)

Tech setup

We'll record both video and audio.

Please find a nice quiet space.
While audio is the most important, the video quality makes a difference.
A simple background, with light in front of you, not behind.
And brush your hair ;)

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